Whistling In The Dark: Book and Movie Review and Summary (1941)

Whistling In the Dark by Lesley Kagen

Whistling in the dark lesley kagen‘Whistling in the dark’ by ‘Lesley Kagen’ is a tale of lost innocence. It is really touching story of making it through the dangers of the world. It is a story vested with challenges.

It highlights the emotional challenges that are faced when an absolute truth of life turns out to be a carefully plotted lie. It is the story of survival and endurance. It is a great sibling story; focusing on the love of a sister for the other.

It is the insight into the effort is taken for a girl to protect her younger sister. And not just from emotional problems and fluctuating feelings of the age, but from practical life threats. This is a book about two sisters who come to terms with harsh family conditions while running from a murderer.


The story centers on two sisters named Sally and Troo. It starts when Sally makes a promise to her dad before he died; that she would protect her younger sister. It is this promise that drives the emotion through the novel. Her promise is put to the real test after their mother is hospitalized.

And to make things even worse, their step-father abandon them. They find themselves in a situation of running for their lives from a serial killer. And their elder sister is no help as she is blinded by love. 10 year old Sally has to bear the burden of protecting her sister alone.

This book is a good family story, but is also a great mystery, thriller and crime tale. Sally knows that she and her sister are the next targets of a serial killer.

The man has murdered two girls of their age before as well; Junie Piaskowski and Sara Heinemann. Sally has calculated that the wanted murderer is her neighbor Mr. David Rasmussen. David is a cop, but Sally is sure of her perception because she saw a photo of Junie hanging in his house.

With a sick mom, a drunken stepdad and an oblivious elder sister, this story is about nothing but making a way on your own. It is about the limits a 10 year old is ready to cross to keep a promise.

Expression and emotion: Whistling in the Dark

The thrilling story is expressed through the innocent yet bright eyes of Sally. It shows how she interprets the eventful summer of 1959. The author has displayed the confusing world very well through the imaginative eyes of a little girl.

There are enough characters, including family and friends to make the novel colorful and like a spectrum. The descriptions and dialogues are very effective. The emotion as being expressed in a way which makes the reader feel everything.

This book will induce laughter, jitters, tingling fear and sheer sadness with you as you flip the pages. It is the darkness through the purity and the innocence which makes this book a unique piece of work. The core emotion is not love, but dependence that leads to love and hence sacrifice.

Given the conditions, Sally and Troo have to depend on each other for survival. But slowly, as time goes by they develop the perfect sisterly bond.

All in all; this book is a grade-A summer read. It will take you on an emotional roller coaster and have you on the edge of the seat at all times.

Particularly, the story keeps the reader involved in every aspect of the story, since given the plot in which the girls are involved due to the events in their home and the universe in which the murder takes place, it indirectly connects the readers with each circumstance, makes you love and hate as the narrative progresses.

Do not forget that the main idea focuses on the family nucleus, so generating an emotional chaos fits perfectly in the narrative and will always keep you interested in reading.As a curious fact, the story was taken to the big screen and generated the acceptance of the public, so it is sure to be more success on the part of the writer, because the adaptation of the script was done in a clean and respect every detail of the plot.

On the other hand, it is a story that you can not stop reading or include in your book collection, it is fresh, bold, raw and will give you many emotions.


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