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Summary and Review

Will Grayson Will Grayson QuotesThe novel takes us into the lives of two teenagers by the same name – Will Grayson. The book refers to the first character (Will Grayson) by correctly capitalizing the words in his name.

The first Will Grayson is shown to be a guy looking to stay low and not attract any attention. The main reason behind this is his best friend, Tiny Cooper. Tiny is an obese person with homosexual inclinations.

Because of his size and his demeanor, Will Grayson finds hanging out with Tiny a constant struggle.

Throughout the novel, Tiny is shown to indulge in making his autobiographical musical. The makes him stand out from the crowd even further and adds to the predicaments faced by Will Grayson, who is obsessive about the band Neutral Milk Hotel.

This protagonist is shown to have feelings for Jane Turner.

On the other hand, the second Will is referred to in small letters throughout the book. He is shown to be a shy and quiet boy who is looking for some meaning in life. Having no significant social experience to turn to, Will Grayson finds refuge in an online relationship website.

It is here that he sees a person named Isaac with whom he interacts, and this becomes the only thing that he looks forward to in his day.

The second Will decides to meet Isaac one night in Chicago but  is reveal the Isaac is just a name coined by a girl named Maura. Maura is a class fellow of Will Grayson, who has always admired him and one of the few people that Will interact with at school.

Both of the worlds collide on an eventful night at a Chicago porn store. The book focuses on events that led up to this interaction of these characters and how their lives become intertwined as they go through romantic relationships and life-changing experiences.

The book is a beautifully written, poignant and hilarious piece of writing. Writers John Green and David Levithan hugely commended for their insightful writing in the genre of teen romance and high school musicals. The book proved to be a success and opened on the third spot on the New York Best Sellers list.

The Booklist heralds this book and declares it a master class that delightful touches the domains of lust, anger, pain and, over. The book contains a good measure of comedian content that helps maintain a light tone throughout the book and keep the readers transfixed.

The School Library Journal, Kirkus and VOYA have also given rave reviews with regard to this book. The high energy and intellectual depth of the book present quite a spectacle for the readers. Will Grayson, Will Grayson is a delightfully written book that Will keep the audienceWi engaged from start to finish.

This book is a must read for those looking to explore the domain of teenage love, friendship, music and drama. Another hit high school musical in the making, no doubt.

Opinion of the Book

Honestly, when I met this book I expected a story in which the central theme and around which would turn everything would be the romantic relationship of two guys, specifically the relationship between the two Will Grayson, because for me, that is what the synopsis indicates on the back cover, therefore.

I did not expect much, not something that made me change some perspectives on certain opinions or something like that, but I’m happy because it was not like that, I was wrong, and I was completely wrong.

The book has messages, teachings for the reader, and this is what I highlight the most, neither the characters nor the narration: the teachings.

It is not that the authors change the world with the messages that the book transmits, but they put many things in perspective, in addition to showing how important it is to know what love is, but true love, to love a person not only for kisses, for sex or for caresses, no, the love that exists between friends, between family members and not necessarily between a couple, but also.

What happens is that we are used to saying “I love you” and “I love you” only to our / our girlfriend / boyfriend, forgetting that although we have the feeling, we can also and we must tell our parents and our brothers that we love them, that we love them, and as in the book they show it.

Know how to correspond friendships and make it clear to those friends with whom we share so much that we love them, that it is not the same love and love as the one we tell our partner, but that we want them, be one or be five the friends that deserve to say I love you, but to be told, it is not too late when we understand this, it does not matter that our “I love you” or “I love you” is, “no you know how much I appreciate you as a friend “or” I love you mom “.

Since some find it more difficult than others to express themselves, but at the end of the day, whatever it may be, it is expressed.

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